Curriculum 2020/2021

The Curriculum at Deerhurst and Apperley is:

BALANCED: by promoting the intellectual, moral, spiritual aesthetic, creative emotional and physical development of each child. This intent is aligned to objectives in school and national policy objectives. Staff have a shared understanding of intent, implementation and impact and consistent teaching and marking methods are used (Implementation) to ensure impact on pupils.

RIGOROUS: the curriculum takes into account disciplinary habits of mind – disciplinary specific, powerful ways of thinking that are developed through sustained engagement with the discipline. For example, inverse operations in maths, cause and effect in science and provenance and context in history. This is all part of the implementation of the framework itself.

COHERENT: the curriculum is designed to promote the development of capabilities across subjects – for example, children learn about graphs in maths before it is needed in science. The design of our curriculum implementation will lead to impact through this coherence.

VERTICALLY INTEGRATED: it is clear how material taught in one year builds on what was learned in previous years, and how it leads on to subsequent learning. School clearly sets out the objectives each year and they are made clear at the implementation of the curriculum and the intent of how objectives will be transferred into processes, such as subject coverage, medium term plans and termly plans. The methods then developed in the classroom with objectives and marking will then reinforce implementation.

APPROPRIATE: the curriculum provides challenge for students when it is implemented and is planned for impact when study is ongoing or complete. That it meets the needs of all learners.

RELEVANT: the curriculum will be relevant and take into account the interest, needs and wishes of children, but within a framework of informed choice in respect of pedagogy and curriculum. School make clear objectives from national intent of the curriculum which are transferred clearly into implementation within school processes which lead to outcomes (Impact) of the school objectives and those of the children.


Deerhurst curriculum subject coverage English 2020-21

Class 3 Medium Term Overview 2020-21x

Medium Term Overview 2020-21 ENGLISH CLASS ONE with RC

Medium Term Overview 2020-21 ENGLISH RC Class 2


Early Reading and Phonics 3 Intent Implement and Impact 2020-21


Deerhurst curriculum subject coverage Maths 2020-21

Maths Medium Term Plan 2020-21 Updated WR

Medium Term Overview 2020-21 MATHS- update WR


Whole school coverage with foundation subject overviews

Curriculum Coverage whole school Key stage 1 Deerhurst updated July 2020 

Curriculum Coverage whole school Key stage 2 Deerhurst updated July 2020 

Art curriculum subject coverage 20-21 (2)

Deerhurst computing curriculum coverage 2020-21 (2)

Digital Literacy Scheme of Work.docx2020-21 (2)

DT curriculum subject coverage 20-21 (2)

French Scheme of Work (1)

Geography subject coverage 20-21 (2)

History Curriculum coverage 2020-21 (2)

MFL Overview Amended

RE 2021

subject coverage music 2020-21 (2)

subject coverage_PE.2020-21 (1)

subject coverage_PSHE 20- 21 New

subject coverage_Science 20-21 (2)

Class coverage and Text coverage

2020-21 Class 2 Curriculum Coverage (updated with PHSE)

2020-21 Class 3 Curriculum Coverage

2020-21 curriculum overview class 1.doc Final Copy

Book Coverage 2020-21

Texts linked to Key aspects of Narrative

2020-22 Rolling Programme Y3 4

Class 3 2020-21 Texts Linked to Key Aspects of Narrative

Texts Linked to Key Aspects of Narrative 2020-21 Class 1 with recovery



Prayer Space

COVID & Home School Learning Gallery


Just wanted to say thank you again for the incredible place that is Deerhurst and Apperley school! You are all so incredible and continue to amaze us with your care and dedication to every child. Little Deers has been such a wonderful start for  x and x. I can’t thank Jenny and Sandra enough – what wonderful, talented kind people. Such a special place.

Miss Robinson’s passion and sincerity made me feel totally overwhelmed at the new reception info morning, so excited for x to be getting such an impeccable deal. Mrs Perry has been utterly brilliant in all of her support to x this year. In such a challenging couple of years it has been so lovely to know that Mrs Neveu has had everything covered. Mrs Mottram’s care and communication has been wonderful too.

During lockdown and the implementation of the home learning platform See saw, I would like to say that the amount of time and effort spent supporting individual children and providing encouraging and structured feedback from all teachers in and outside of school hours, was amazing. My son excelled in the one-on-one support and enjoyed most of the work given, which made my job as a parent so much easier. Hats off to all the teachers involved.

September 2021

GCC COVID Risk Assessment for Educational Settings From Step 4 (v12) August 2021DA

March 2021

RA reviewed May 2021

RA reviewed March 2021 (2)

Risk Assessment for Educational settings reviewed July 2021 (GCC template)

January 2021

Appendix to risk assessment – LFD testing 1.2.21

Home Learning Timetable Spring Term 1 2021 4

Timetable – Spring Term 1 4

RA reviewed Jan 2021 

Opening September 2020 School Tour Link

Pinch point Timetable updated Sept 2020

Deerhurst and Apperley Risk Assessment for Educational Settings v4 – reviewed and updated 13th October 2020

Deerhurst and Apperley Risk Assessment for Educational Settings v4 – reviewed sept 11th 2020 – Copy

Deerhurst and Apperley Risk Assessment for Educational Settings v4 – July 2020 GCC

COVID 19 Risk Assessment – Educational settings v01DAVersion 2 – Copy PARENTS

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