Welcome to Class 3

Welcome to Class 3

Please find below a link to a variety of documents to support learning in Class 3. It includes:

  • A Welcome to Class 3 PowerPoint which outlines some of the expectations in Class 3
  • A homework letter which outlines the homework your child will receive and when it is expected back at school
  • Reading Challenges for this year
  • A list of 100 Books to Read in Class 3
  • Suggested spelling websites and apps which you may find useful
  • Curriculum objectives for Year Five and Year Six Maths, Reading and Writing

Welcome to Class 3 Autumn 2021

Class 3 Homework Autumn Term 2021

Reading Challenges 2021-22

100 Books to Read Before Leaving Class 3 List 2021-22  

Spelling Websites

Year 5&6 Writing ChecklistDeerhurst

Year 5&6 Reading ChecklistDeerhurst

Year 5 Maths Checklist Number

Year 5 Maths Checklist Geometry Measures Statistics

Year 6 Maths Checklist Number

Year 6 Maths Checklist Geometry Measures Statistics

What Will I Be Learning This Term?

Click on the links below for the curriculum overview for each term.

Curriculum Overview Term 1 and 2

Curriculum Overview Term 3 and 4

Curriculum Overview Term 5 and 6

What Spellings Should I Be Learning This Term?

Click on the links below for the spelling lists for each term.

Year Five and Six Stautory National Curriculum Spelling Lists 2021-22

Spelling Test Lists Autumn Term 1 2021

Spelling Test Lists Autumn Term 2 2021

Spelling Test Lists Spring Term 1 2022

Spelling Test Lists Spring Term 2 2022

Spelling Test Lists Summer Term 1 2022

Spelling Test Lists Summer Term 2 2022

The Egg-Drop Challenge

As part of our Integrated Tasks Week, we were set the challenge of designing and making a container which would save an egg from breaking when dropped from a height onto a hard surface. There were a number of rules we had to follow including:

  • Must not use a parachute
  • Be easy to open and remove the egg
  • Be constructed from materials bought from the Challenge Shop using your credit card which has been preloaded with £60.

We tested our containers our using real eggs. Click on the link below to see what we did and how well our containers protected the eggs

.The Egg-Drop Challenge


New Year Resolutions

After reading the New Year resolutions of Brian Moses, we decided to write our own for 2022. Click on our names to see what we have written. I wonder how many we will be able to keep!

Morgan     Sophie     Ryan     Orla     Molly     Mary     Maddie     Jonathan    Jenson      Gabriel     Eleanor     Eden     Connie     Charley     Ben     Alfie     Alex

Knex Challenge 2021

Class 3 thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Knex Challenge. The task was to build an eco-friendly house which was accessible to all. There were some very ingenious designs and choosing a winner was a really tricky task. Congratulations to Eden, Millie and Jenson who were, after much deliberation, chosen as the winners. Click on the link below for  photos.

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Meet Class 3!

We have been very busy drawing self portraits in the style of Rob Biddulph. Click on the link below to see what we have drawn.

Please click here


On Friday 15th October, we held our annual Harvest Festival service. This year, Class 3 decided to recite a harvest-themed poem. Click on the link below to watch us performing it at our rehearsal.

Please click here

Drumming Workshop

We all enjoyed our drumming workshop where we had the opportunity to play African djembe drums.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger picture then click  the link below to hear our music.

Please click here

Manor Adventure – September 2021

We had an amazing time on our Class 3 Residential this year. Here is a selection of some of the activities we all did.

You can see more by clicking on the link below:

Please click here

We Are Writers!

We read and enjoyed the story ‘How to Live Forever’ by Colin Thompson then used the same plot pattern to write our own ‘How To . . .’ stories.

Naomi and Natalia          Ryan and Millie          Sophie and Eleanor            Murray and Jake               Amber and Ben           Emilia Eden and Maddie.docx Alice and Emily                 Valentine and Alfie    Lewis and Lilly                    Murray and Jake              Mary and Jenson         Tyler and Jaymie

After reading the very poetic ‘I Am Cat’ by Jackie Morris, we decided to write our own poems using the same techniques ansd patterns.

Lacey and Lewis                Sophie and Eden                Murray and Jake                Natalia                                  Alice and Emily                   Eleanor and Maddie                Emilia and Lilly                Amber and Ryan                  Ben and Jenson                Tyler and Jaymie              Alfie and Millie

Home Learning Time Table

Home Learning Timetable Spring Term 1 2021 4